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Welcome to LERCOS - Foodservice and Hospitality 

Lercos Distributors LLC is an American company that offers a large selection of OS&E (Operating Supplies & Equipment) for hotels, restaurants, convention centers, catering companies and other foodservice and hospitality facilities throughout Latin America, North America and the Caribbean.

From our warehouse in Miami we can ship our products very fast to more than 100 countries including Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Europe and other international destinations.

Whether your property is 10-room or 500-room, one-star or five-star, a cafeteria or a high-end restaurant, you can count on us to improve your services and to replace components that do not work properly. 

With many years of experience in hospitality, food & beverage and catering services we provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. From service utensils, buffet displays, cooking appliances and accessories, to shower curtains, phones, alarm clocks, housekeeping carts, and equipment and accessories of other areas of your business, you can count on us to improve your services and to replace components that do not work properly.

And you can count with our impeccable customer service and your satisfaction

Contact us:

Tels: +(877) 300-6939 | +(786) 523-7478
1845 NW 112th Avenue, Unit 188
Miami, FL 33172

+57 (1) 743-8658

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