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How to choose a chamber vacuum sealer?

Lercos is able to assist you finding out what the right chamber vacuum sealer is for your needs. We offer table top and compact machines for small restaurants, as well as bigger machines that can handle the demands of a big banquette kitchen.

Here are the most important questions to ask yourself:

1. What am I using the chamber vacuum sealer for? Is it for for storage, portion control, sous vide cooking or for modernist cooking techniques, or all at the same time?

2. What is the largest vacuum bag size you will need to use? This depends on the size of the food. The best formula is: 
Pouch Width = Width + Height + 1"
Pouch Length = Length + Height + 2" 

3. How many bags per cycle or per day? Will you need a large chamber that fits 2 bags at the same time? Will you need a small chamber but with 2 seal bars?

4. What of vacuum bag? Is it a standard 3 mil storage bag, or a 3.2 boilable bag for sous vide, which can withstand cooking temperatures at 212F / 100C?

Cleaning and sanitation of a chamber vacuum sealer: 
All machines offered by Lercos are designed to make cleaning and sanitation very easy. We offer also accessories and leg extensions for NSF approval, or slanted trays for sealing of liquids.

Maintenance and replacement kits
We recommend to change oil and oil filter every six months. For that we offer oil change kits and replacement parts. 


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