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What is sous vide?

Sous vide cooking is used by the world's best chefs to achieve amazing flavor and texture. The technique that relies on a precise, temperature controlled circulator. Food is vacuum sealed and cooked at a gentle temperature in a precisely controlled water bath.

It allows achieving perfect, repeatable results every time, which is ideal for delicate foods such as lobster or fish. Sous vide cooking is great for retaining vibrant flavor and texture in vegetables, and long cook times on secondary cuts of meat without drying them out.

Compared to other cooking methods, it provides more control and allows for perfect, repeatable results every time. It is easy to learn and takes the stress out of cooking, because food can be held at a perfect level of doneness for a much longer time than usual methods allow.

Why should I invest into sous vide cooking? What aret the benefits?

Anyone that likes to take advantage of a cooking system that allows:
- repeatable, perfectly cooked food, every time.
- the stress to be taken out of cooking by eliminating short windows of time for perfect doneness.
- meals to be prepared ahead of time and still taste delicious; even days later.
- the production of the most moist and tender textures.
- financial savings by making tougher cuts of meat taste like expensive, tender cuts.
- one to cook like the chefs in the world’s best restaurants.

What are the basic steps to cooking Sous Vide?

Vacuum seal food in food-grade plastic pouches certified as suitable for cooking.
Place pouch in circulating water bath that has reached desired temperature and is precisely controlled by a Sous Vide Professional™.
Let food cook for minimum time. Compared to traditional techniques, food can generally stay longer in water bath without overcooking.
Remove and serve! Some foods require a quick sear in a hot pan or on a grill to create a browned surface and impart a caramelized flavor.

What kind of food can you cook Sous Vide?

- Any type of delicate or tougher cuts of meats—such as beef, pork, lamb, game, or poultry. Beef tenderloin will turn out perfectly cooked every time. Spare ribs will be so tender and juicy like you’ve never had them before.
- Excellent for delicate fish and seafood, ensuring that these delicate foods are not dried out or overcooked.
- Root vegetables and potatoes benefit very much in flavor and consistency with Sous Vide cooking. Green vegetables (broccoli, green beans, etc) lose their vibrant color due to longer cooking times. Chefs often choose to cook these in a more traditional manner.
- Eggs can be cooked very precise in a Sous Vide circulating bath. See our temperature reference guide which illustrates the dramatic changes at each degree. Eggs do not have to be vacuum packaged.
- Fruits, in particular delicate ones like peaches, apples and pears become very tender, and benefit when cooked with flavor infusions.
- Cook custard-style ice cream base, béarnaise sauce, Crème Anglaise and custards without worrying about curdling. The Sous Vide Professional™ water bath is excellent to hold these custards and sauces at serving temperature. (see iSi Whip Canister Holder)

What equipment is necessary to cook Sous Vide?

Lercos provides you with everything you need to get started: 
- A thermal immersion circulator, such as the PolyScience Sous Vide Professional™
- A tabletop food sealer or chamber vacuum sealer
- Food-grade plastic vacuum pouches, rated to boiling temperatures
- A vessel to serve as a water bath, such as stock pot or Camwear tank

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