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Amenity Accessories

Lercos offers a wide array of amenity accesories from leading manufacturers including Room360 and Paradigm Trends, which are the standard of many hotel chains around the world. Find the best option for your needs, by collection or use. Click here to request a quote. Or send an email to Info@lercos.com

By Collection

Aero - Paradigm Ahala - Paradigm Artefact - Room360 Asheville - Room360
Austin - Room360 Bali - Room360 Bangkok - Room360 Barrington - Paradigm
Belize - Room360 Bordeaux - Paradigm Bronzy - Paradigm Clark - Paradigm
Copake - Paradigm Cortland - Paradigm Cubix - Paradigm Delta - Paradigm
Driftwood - Paradigm Emerald-Shiny - Paradigm Empire - Paradigm Florentine - Paradigm
Geneva SS - Room360 Grand - Paradigm Hamilton - Paradigm Havana - Room360
Henley - Paradigm Icon - Paradigm Java - Room360 Lario - Paradigm
Lisbon - Room360 London - Rooom360 Lonestar - Paradigm Loring - Paradigm
Manhattan - Paradigm Metallica - Paradigm Metroweave - Room360 Miami - Room360
Midnight - Paradigm Milan - Room360 Milano - Paradigm Milano Copper - Paradigm
Mills - Paradigm Morocco - Room360 Mother of Pearl - Paradigm Nassau - Room360
Neue Bronze - Paradigm New York - Room360 Novarra - Paradigm Oneida - Paradigm
Palm Wood - Room360 Perry - Paradigm Pierre - Paradigm Regal - Paradigm
Seattle - Room360 Stonehenge - Paradigm Sullivan - Paradigm Sumatra - Room360
Tokyo - Room360 Toronto - Paradigm Tortoise - Paradigm Tribeca - Room360
Tudor - Paradigm Tuscany - Paradigm Tuxedo - Paradigm Warner - Paradigm


Room360 Nassau (resin)R360 nassau resin

Room360 London (faux leather)R360 london faux leather

 Room360 Bangkok (rubberwood)R360 bangkok rubberwood

  Room360 Havana (sugar cane, resin)
R360 havana sugar cane  resin
Room360 Bali (bamboo)
R360 bali bamboo
Room360 Java (faux pandan)
R360 java faux pandan
Room360 Lisbon (porcelain)
R360 lisbon porcelain
Room360 Miami (resin & stone)
R360 miami resin  stone
 Room360 Milan (faux leather)
R360 milan faux leather
 Room360 Morocco (resin & stone)
R360 morocco resin  stone
Room360 New York (HG composite)
R360 new york high gloss composite
 Room360 Seattle (composite stone)
R360 seattle composite stone
Room360 Sumatra (stainless steel)
R360 sumatra  tokyo stainless steel  python
Room360 Geneva (stainless steel)
R360 geneva stainless steel
Room360 Tribeca (bamboo)
R360 tribeca bamboo
Room360 Belize (faux shagreen)
 R360 belize faux shagreen
Room360 Toronto (porcelain)
R360 toronto porcelain
Paradigm Ahala (mango wood)

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