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The Sommelier

Decanting wine just smarter and faster. The So2mmelier uses 90% pure oxygen to speed up traditional decanting times, allowing you to select your wines just minutes before serving and your guests to enjoy wine at its potential, faster.

Oxygenating wine reduced hours of decanting time to just a few minutes, almost eliminating the wait to enjoy your favorite wines at their best. Enjoy your time entertaining not decanting.

The Sommelier

Item #: BWD600SIL1BUS1 | Manufacturer: Breville

The Sommelier - the smarter and faster solution to decant wines and liquors

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The Sommelier 750ml Carafe

Item #: BWD0010NUC1 | Manufacturer: Breville

The Sommelier 750ml Glass Carafe

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The Sommelier 200ml Carafe

Item #: BWD0020NUC1 | Manufacturer: Breville

The Sommelier 200ml Glass Carafe

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