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Lercos offers a wide array of hotel hangers including soft and padded, natural and painted wood, and anti-theft. Find the best option for your needs. Click here to request a quote. Or send an email to info@lercos.com 

Ivory Satin Padded
SP800IV80 HD 800805
Ivory Satin Padded w/clips 
HD 800885
Black Satin Padded
SP800BK20 HD 800205
Black Satin Padded w/clips - SP800BK22 HD 800225
Natural Wood
NT200CR00 HD 200200
Natural Wood w/ Bar NT200CR02 HD 200202 Natural Wood w/ Non-slip Bar NT200CR05     HD 200502 Natural Wood w/ Clips ST200CR04   HD 200204
Walnut Wood, Chrome WT201CR25 HD 200125 Walnut Wood w/ Bar, Chrome - WT201CR22 HD 200122 Walnut Wood, w/ Non-slip Bar, Chrome - WT201CR03 HD 200523 Walnut Wood, w/ Clips, Chrome - WT201CR24 HD 200124
 Walnut Wood, Polished Brass - WT201PB25 HD 200201 Walnut Wood, w/ Bar, Brass - WT201PB25  HD 200203 Walnut Wood, w/ Non-slip, Brass - WT201PB03 HD 200503 Walnut Wood, w/ Clips, Brass - WT201PB24  HD 200205
Black Wood, Chrome BK203CR33 HD 200333 Black Wood, w/ Bar, Chrome - BK203CR12 HD 200312 Black Wood, w/ Clips, Chrome - BK203CR14
HD 200314
White Wood, Chrome WT202CR22   HD 200222 White Wood, w/ Bar, Chrome - WT202CR12
HD 200212
White Wood, w/ Clips, Chrome - WT202CR14
HD 200214

Anti-theft Hotel Hanger (security)

Natural Wood w/ Bar,
Chrome - N
T600CR00HD 600600

Natural Wood w/clips, Chrome - NT600CR04
HD 600604
Waltnut Wood w/ Bar, Chrome - WT600CR01
HD 600601
Walnut Wood w/clips, Chrome - WT600CR24
HD 600624

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